This, for me, is the scariest of the new things I have tried this month.  I have been going to my gym for 11 months and have never yet been to a class.  The last gym class I went to was a little over 2 years ago, and I went into hospital straight afterwards (unrelated to the class!), so I never went back.  The physical part of doing the class isn’t the most frightening thing for me.  The scariest thing is other people, in a group, who already know:

a) each other and
b) how to do the class

This fear is a very real one for me, I hate going to any new group, even if it’s for something I love doing, so much that the fear makes me feel ill.  I have self-confidence issues, and that is what causes the problem.  I need to work on it, this was my aim with going to class.

The class I picked was Pump.  This is basically Bodypump, but my gym isn’t a Les Mills one, so it is just called Pump.  It works the same way though.  It’s something I’ve wanted to try for a while, and it was the class I felt most comfortable trying at my current fitness level.

So, I turned up to the class, found where I was supposed to be, and looked blankly at the three people who were already there when I walked in.  They helped me get set up with a bar, plates, step and mat.  A couple more new people came in, who also looked quite apprehensive.  My first clue that this wasn’t the gentle “weights to music” class I had anticipated was when the instructor shouted into her headset “you won’t be walking out of this class, the aim is to CRAWL!”  Gulp.

As far as I could tell, Pump involves working one muscle group per track; we had a warm-up and then we got going, starting with squats.  I was OK to start off with, but I started to feel as though the song would never end.  Not all the moves are the standard way you would do them, for example, using the beat of the song, we would squat down in one beat and then take the next three to slowly lift back up again.  To be honest, the class is a little bit of a blur, but as far as I remember after warm-up and squats we did chest, back, biceps, triceps, lunges, abs and cool-down/stretching.  If anyone knows that I’ve missed something that’s usually in a Bodypump class, please please remind me!  I knew I’d missed something – shoulders – thanks Sam!

The good news is that I made it.  I did all the moves except for triceps dips and one of the stretches, and I kept up a lot better than I thought!  In fact, the lady behind me actually approached me afterwards and asked if I’d transferred from a different class – she said that I did really well, so that was a bit of an ego boost for me.  The better news is that I’ve booked in for the next one, because I really really enjoyed it.

I’m stupidly proud of myself for doing this one.  It might not sound like that big of a deal, but it was really scary for me to go and join in at something like that, so I’m pleased that I talked myself into it – and found a class that I really like doing.  My arms and thighs ached a bit yesterday, but nothing too bad and certainly no worse than expected.

and I liked it!