And summertime is well and truly here, even in rainy England!

I think I may have over-challenged myself in June, so I’m dropping it back a step. I will be sticking to my healthy habits through the month (of course) and I will also do a minimum of one each of the following:

  • try a new food
  • cook a new recipe
  • have a go at something new at the gym
  • do something that scares me
  • take some time to do something for me (that isn’t a workout)
  • research one of the diet and exercise topics I have written down as “interesting”
  • say “yes” when my knee-jerk response is “no”

I will also be doing the Beginner Push-up Challenge and the 30-day Plank Challenge below (I couldn’t face more squats and crunches).  This seemed like a great idea until I realised that for my birthday at the end of the month I am giving myself 50 push-ups and 5 minutes of planking.  Anyhow, I’ll try and make it through, then I can reward myself with a cocktail or three 😉

I have had it mentioned that planking for 5 minutes in one go could potentially lead to injury.  Just to make it clear, I don’t imagine that I could do a five minute plank, for the longer ones I fully expect the times listed here to be my total planking time that day.  If you want to try a plank challenge, please take care, don’t strain your back and stop if it ceases to be a challenge and just causes pain.