And didn’t it go quickly? You might recall that at the beginning of June I published my challenges for the month. This is a quick round-up post to let you know how I got on.

10 new things? Done!
20 hours of exercise? No problem!
30 days of water? Ah.. Well I had a week in the middle of the month where I was away. I had planned to stick to all of my healthy habits, but some of them went out of the window. One of these was drinking water. So it’s more a case of 23 days of water. Ok, but not great in my opinion.
40 good things? I managed 25, which is almost one per day. This has been useful though, but I don’t think a set target worked for me.
50 portions of fruit and veg? Similar to the water challenge, I managed this on the weeks where I was at home, but not when I was away.

And finally, the Level Up Challenge? Tough, but completed. I don’t have a six-pack but I’m a little more toned, and my thigh muscles are definitely more developed from all the squats.

So what have I learned? Mostly, that I can stick to my healthy habits when I’m in my usual routine, but going out of it throws me off. I think that this will come with practice, as I become more and more used to my healthy lifestyle.

Bring on July!