A while ago, the lovely Nancy over at my year[s] of sweat and I had a discussion about breakfast, and she recommended overnight oats.  Now, it seems that the world and his wife had already heard of/tried this and I had been left behind.  She talked (well I think it was her) about making it with almond milk, oats and various additions.  So then, having written it off years ago as being for hippies and overly health-conscious types, my new food for July is almond milk, and I have to say I really like it.

I made my overnight oats with 35g porridge oats, just enough almond milk to cover them, a sprinkling of cinnamon and a splash of orange essence (all very exact measurements dontcha know) and added some nuts, seeds or dried fruit just before eating.  It is really good for when the weather is hot, very filling and yummy.  I’m going to branch out with flavourings sometime, but not until I get bored!

If you make this, please be warned, it looks disgusting (well, it does in my opinion.)  Don’t let that deceive you, try it before you bin it!