So, here I am again. I’m not going to explain my absence, since all my most recent posts seem to be like that! Lets just say that I’ve gained weight and I lost focus.

What have I done about it? I’ve decided to pick myself up, dust myself off and carry on. The first step was going back to Slimming World. I know some of my readers don’t like weight loss agroups or programmes, but I’ve found it really helpful for me – which is why I made the decision to return when Ia found that I was ready. I’ve joined a new group, the members are all really friendly and supportive – one of the problems with my previous group was that it was quite cliquey and one clique in particular took over.

Anyway, I went back a few weeks ago and it has been a bit of a shaky start, but I feel really good about it. At my last weigh in I gained 2lb, but I stayed to group, which I’m proud of, and I had a good chat with the leader afterwards, which was really helpful. I have also approached my gym and asked for help designing a new programme to help with my weight loss. Currently I get there for a 30 minute session every weekday, and he helped me to make the most of that. And the final thing that will help me is writing this blog – I find it really helps me to write down what I’m doing – and it keeps me accountable. So watch this space, this time I really will be back!