I can hear my Mum in my head telling me how important breakfast is – and she’s right (hope you’re reading this, Mum!) The word “breakfast” literally means “to break your fast”, ie the time overnight when you weren’t eating. It kick-starts your metabolism and gets you ready for the day ahead.
The main problem I have with breakfast is finding something interesting to take with me to work to eat after the gym. For ages I took fruit and a cereal bar – definitely low calorie but not exactly filling – I was hungry again by 9.30!
This week I have tried something new for breakfast, which looks like a big meal but is full of vegetables and keeps me full until lunchtime. There are two parts, which are both good on their own as well. For a working week I made:
Breakfast Hash:
Dice about 8-10 new potatoes, a red onion, 50g chorizo. Slowly fry the chorizo, then add the potatoes. When they start to soften, add the onion. Add whatever vegetables you like to this and fry until soft – I used mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers and spinach. Chorizo is 10.5 syns per 100g for Slimming Worlders, so I make this about 1 syn per portion.
Divide this into five, this will be the bed on which you serve part 2:
Breakfast Frittata:
Chop up five low fat sausages and five trimmed rashers of bacon, and brown in a pan. Spray a large casserole dish or similar with cooking spray and add the sausage and bacon. Add mushrooms, tomatoes, and anything else you fancy (I also put in baked beans and asparagus) then crack in enough eggs to cover the mix – I think I used 8. Mix well and bake in a preheated oven at gas mark 6 until set. Mine looked really watery when it came out, but was fine when it cooled. Cut into 5 and serve with the hash. Reduced fat sausages are around 1.5 syns each on Slimming World so 1.5 syns per portion of frittata.
I have reheated these successfully and also frozen it with no problems.
These are both good ways to get vegetables into your breakfast, I think most of us tend to have fruit. Next week I will be trying ham and egg cups, which a girl at my gum recommended – if they are successful then I’ll share the recipe!