I had so many good intentions of writing more often but time has (as usual) got away from me.  I used to write a lot in my lunch break, but my new phone is a Windows phone and there is not good WP app I have found (if anyone can recommend one I will be very grateful!) so I’m trying to fit it in at home.  In hindsight, perhaps rebooting my weight loss efforts over the summer was a mistake, I have been really really busy with birthdays, weekends away etc etc, so I haven’t given it my full attention.  But September starts tomorrow, I have just purchased a new year-long gym membership and I have ended the summer at a lower weight than I started it.

So far this week (my SW week runs Saturday to Saturday), I have been to McDonalds, Nandos and the cinema.  That doesn’t sound great, does it?  But I planned and stuck to my syns, stayed in control and feel so much better psychologically for it.  That has given me a massive boost for the rest of the week, and I’m excited to go back to the gym tomorrow.  For the last couple of weeks I had intended to work out at home, but I stayed in bed every day.  Fail.  But my renewal is done and I’m ready to get back.  I might even do kettlebells.  Maybe.

I feel so inspired that I think a September challenge might be in order.  Taking my current low fitness levels into consideration, does anyone have any suggestions??

This is a bit random, but I thought I would share anyway.  This week I have tried a new fruit and a new veg.  I wasn’t convinced about either but they are both yummy.  Chinese flat cabbage (think squashed looking white cabbage) is sweet – I like it stirfried with soy sauce or cumin seeds.  I don’t think I’d boil it though, I like the crunch!  And the fruit is greengages; I’m not good with soft fruits with stones (except cherries) but I will happily make an exception for these.  Yum yum yum.