After my spectacular 3.5lb gain last week, I finally got my act together.  I didn’t stay to group last week; instead I took myself out to a coffee shop, reflected a bit, read my SW book and gave myself a proverbial kick.  And I’m pleased to announce that it worked, and this week I lost that 3.5, plus another 1lb.  Happy doesn’t even start to cover it!

This week I have eaten a lot.  Fruit, vegetables, lean meat, pulses, pasta, rice, potatoes.  I’ve had a trip to McDonalds, a meal at Nandos and a visit to the cinema, but I stayed in control throughout.  Just a bit of planning and I stayed within my syns.  Not that it was all smooth running, Thursday morning found me in Tesco with a 2 pack of luxury chocolate cheesecake slices in one hand and a bag of mini cookies in the other.  And yes, I fully intended to go home and scoff the lot.  Instead, I saved my syns all day and used them all for a slice of cheesecake in the evening, and gave the other one to my other half.  The next day I took a couple of the cookies with my packed lunch and counted the syns.  Small steps I know, but I’m proud of it (even though I know it’s not great that I got as far as buying them.)

I’ve also been back to the gym after a 2-week break when my annual membership ran out.  I’m paid up until the end of August 2016, so I have no excuse to not exercise.  I have been doing all sorts at the gym: interval training, boxing, squats, weights and the dreaded kettlebells.  I have also set myself a challenge, for the 30 days of September I will be doing 30 pushups and 30 crunches every day.  It’s not much, but it will help me to keep my focus.

All in all, it’s been a good week, and I feel really motivated for the next week.

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