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October 2015

Finally! Six pounds off and two awards, go me! Proper post to follow when I’m in less of a rush.


It’s All In The Mind

I’ve been struggling recently, I don’t think my head has been in the right place. All I can say is at least I’ve lost a little weight, even if it’s only a few pounds. I’m trying really hard this week – I keep telling myself that I deserve it, that I can do it, that I can take time for myself for this. And I think it’s working! I guess it’s kind of like affirmations, and I’m using it to boost my self-esteem. Weight loss can be a vicious circle: I dislike myself because of my weight, which leads to me thinking I don’t deserve to lose it, which stops me losing it, etc etc. Hopefully I can carry on the way my last few days have been, I’ll keep you posted!

I also have a new blog, which is my bucket list; I haven’t posted there yet except for my list, but I have been thinking a lot about things I want to achieve and experience, so that will be a journey in itself!

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