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January 2016

Day 5: Recovering!

Yesterday I woke up with a certain amount of discomfort in my quads.  I suspect it is down to the squatting on Thursday (but I will keep doing that regularly anyway) and it made getting down the stairs an interesting... Continue Reading →


Days 3 & 4: Tell Me It’s Not Just Me…

Please tell me that there are other people out there who sometimes forget to take a towel to the gym?!!  That was Day 3; I went to the gym in the morning and then had to get ready for work.  Soooo disorganised!... Continue Reading →

Day 2: Weights, Weights and More Weights

Today, I went to the gym before work to get some exercise time in.  For now I'm going to be alternating cardio days and weights/toning days until I get a proper routine of some description sorted.  So after yesterday's graceful... Continue Reading →

Day 1: Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Oh and I really hope nobody was watching, I dance like an elephant in a tutu.  But it's good for me and fun at the same time.  I normally go to the gym in a morning, but I haven't really... Continue Reading →

It’s All About Me Me Me

Hi Again!  I've been AWOL again, but I'm making a pledge here and now.   I am going to make sure I have an hour a day to myself.  This is my time, it's for me and me alone.  That... Continue Reading →

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