Oh and I really hope nobody was watching, I dance like an elephant in a tutu.  But it’s good for me and fun at the same time.  I normally go to the gym in a morning, but I haven’t really been putting the effort in over the last few months, working on the theory that “something is better than nothing”, but that has mostly consisted of drifting up and down the pool.  So, because I couldn’t go today, I dug out my Rosemary Conley salsa DVD and had a go.

I had it on the second section (the first is basically a walkthrough the moves) and the main thing I noticed is quite how bad my fitness is now.  I used to do this section as a warmup for section 3, but this had my heart rate well up and got me out of breath within about 5 minutes.  But I made it through, put my heart and soul into it and bounced around my living room like an idiot.  And you know what?  Next time I do it, it will be easier.

And because the dancing I did is only 17 minutes, and I vowed to do 20 minutes, I threw in 3 sets of 10 crunches and 3 sets of 10 squats (which, as previous readers will know are my faaaavourite (sarcasm there..)) to make the time up.  Day 1 all done!