Yesterday I woke up with a certain amount of discomfort in my quads.  I suspect it is down to the squatting on Thursday (but I will keep doing that regularly anyway) and it made getting down the stairs an interesting experience!  I decided to go for a swim before work to try to ease my sore muscles, and I put in a lot more effort than I have been doing!  I swam 1/2 a mile in 22 minutes, which I haven’t managed for ages.  That is 50 lengths of the pool at my local gym, which I counted in sets of 10 i.e. 10x breaststroke, 10x alternating front crawl and breaststroke, 10x alternating back crawl and breaststroke, 10x alternating front crawl and breaststroke & 10x breaststroke.  I was pretty pleased with that, and I focussed on technique – which helped to improve my speed.

I did a lot of stretching afterwards, and even got help with stretching in the evening, but I am still sore today!   I haven’t done my workout today yet, I’m still considering what to do, but I’ll write it down when I’ve managed it!

I also went to Slimming World this morning for my first weigh-in since I got back on track, and I had lost 2.5lb, which I’m really happy with.  My group leader said she can see a difference in my outlook and behaviour, apparently I seem more confident that I can do this!  I am.