So on Friday I embarked on the workouts that my new trainer sent me.  I hadn’t had a lot of time to read through it, so I went with what I could remember.  First I did interval training on the elliptical – short sprints mixed with regular pace.  Interval training is great for me, as I am pretty limited in my gym time – I have a strict half hour during the week.  Interval training allows me to maximise the time I have there, as it burns more calories than continuous training, and continues to burn fat after the workout has finished.  It helps to build endurance and combat boredom, and speaking personally it means that I focus much more on my workout than I do with continuous training, because I concentrate throughout instead of zoning out once I get going.  You can read more about the benefits of interval training here.

After the elliptical I used some free weights, and did three sets each of bench presses and bent over rows using 5kg dumbbells, but I think they might be too light so I’m going to try and use heavier ones next time.  I followed that with more intervals on the rower, and finished off with some leg presses.  I have really built the weight up on those recently – I am a distinct advantage I guess because my legs are used to carrying a lot of weight, but I still feel really good when I step the weight up – I’m up to 220lb leg presses now.

My next post will catch you up with my weekend, and I’m hoping to get one written soon with my favourite Slimming World friendly, healthy meals in the next few days.