I’ve had a crazy couple of weeks, which have included blitzing my house so it’s spotless and decluttered, a root filling (still to be crowned) and a car crash – not my fault but my car is damaged beyond repair.  So with all this going on, how has my exercising been?  Well it’s happened every day, no excuses.  Even on Thursday (the day after the crash, when my gym kit was still in the boot of my car, and my car had been towed) I took myself out for a lunchtime walk.  I’ve avoided anything upper body-y for a few days as I was pretty sore (my torso slammed into the door when my car got T-boned), but I’ve been back on it this week.  So what have I done?  A lot of walking, a few weights and some swimming.

I’ve also got myself a lovely virtual personal trainer who has sorted out a training program for me – we have worked together to come up with some realistic short and long term goals and she has given me cardio and strength workouts to follow.  She also contacts me if I don’t fill in my workout log to make sure I’m still motivated!

My next post will have more detail in it, I just wanted to write this so you guys know I’m still here and still trying!