But I did still work out!  On Saturday I did the optimistically named Bodyweight Extravaganza, which involves a lot of 20 second stints of bouncing about cardio.  I did the whole circuit twice (I couldn’t face a third one, it was surprisingly hard work) and in between I did some lunges which I think I have been doing wrong for a looong time!   I previously wasn’t bending my back leg enough, or keeping my feet in a proper line (should be in line with your hips, not with each other!)  After the two circuits I picked a core exercise at random to do, and came out with hundreds.  For those unfamiliar with it, it involves lying on your back with your legs and shoulders raised and pulsing your arms 10 times for each breath ie 5 on the in breath and 5 on the out breath.  Do this for 10 breaths et voila!  Hundreds.  Simple right?  Wrong!  Turns out that my core doesn’t like this much as yet, so I had to take a couple of brief breaks in the middle.  But one day, this will lead to a six pack… or maybe not!

On Sunday, I tried and failed to find a doable yoga programme on Youtube, I’ve tried a few times and struggled to find anything “fat-friendly”.  So I gave up and went back to my favourite Beginners Yoga For Dummies DVD, which I’ve had for ages.  I did struggle with it and did a lot of the modified versions, but I made it through with minimal pain, hurray!