The last few weeks have been a blur, work has been crazy and my home life has been one massive rush!  I’m not going to take each day individually here; that would be a really long and boring post, so here is a summary:

I’ve done a lot of walking – if I don’t have the time or energy in a morning to get to the gym, I go for a lunchtime walk.  This is actually a pretty good excuse to get out of the office and clear my head as well, which can only be a good thing when work is getting stressful.

I love lifting weights, I get a real buzz from it – I’ve done a fair bit of this at the gym in the last few weeks and I’m improving steadily.  I’ve also done some cardio workouts including interval training, boxing, squats and bodyweight exercises (not all in the same workout).  I’ve also done a few swims, but not as many as I used to – my workouts are a lot more varied now.

Some highs and lows:

  • 300lb leg press – finally! Go me!
  • I measured myself mid-month and I’d lost some cm, which has got to be a good thing!
  • Some days with well over 10000 steps (so says Fitbit) – my target is 6750 at the moment so that made me very happy
  • Weight gain 😦 but hopefully this is temporary – all I can say is I’m still trying
  • A disappointing swim – I went to Cardiff a couple of weeks ago and planned to try swimming 50m lengths in the International Pool – I got there and it was closed but I was persuaded into the leisure pool.  It is awesome, I’d have had lots of fun there with a group or family, but it’s terrible if you just want to swim
  • Loss of motivation – I hit a bad spell last week, but I sent my lovely trainer a text and she gave me some really good tips for getting back on track. Thanks Sam!!

I will try to stop in more often – no promises though!