No, not Easter eggs (although I have some of those left!) I mean the kind that come from chickens.

First and foremost, eggs are yummy!  I realise that this is subject to opinion, but I love them.  They are also healthy and quick to prepare and surprisingly portable.  Eggs are low calorie, high in protein and full of vitamins and, despite a couple of health scares over the years, now widely recognised as a great basic food.

This site has useful information on the health benefits of eggs and the best basic ways of cooking them.  I also recommend oven cooking them – line a silicone muffin tin with lean ham, crack an egg into each cup and bake in a low-medium oven until the white is cooked through.  These are great hot or cold; I like to take them to work as a packed breakfast or eat them at home with asparagus dippers.

A final thought – please please don’t buy eggs from barn or caged hens.  Free range eggs come from happier hens!

Boiled egg and soldiers(6)