Yesterday I went hiking, it was the first time I been on that kind of walk since I did my Duke of Edinburgh Award when I was at school – we go on canal path walks quite often in summer and spring but nothing like this! I got the walk map/instructions from and they were really good, except a couple of minor details which had changed since the route was uploaded. Oh, and the distance of 7.4 miles given was a bit different to the 9 miles my Fitbit detected…

I had honestly forgotten how much I enjoy walking! I’m staying about 10 miles north of Portsmouth at the moment, and my hike took me over part of the beautiful Staunton Way with views across the Hampshire Downs and as far as the coast – apparently if it had been a clear day I’d have been able to see the Isle of Wight! It wasn’t all easy going though – there was a fairly decent rainstorm for about 40 minutes, some brisk winds, a LOT of mud, scary sheep, broken stiles, a flood with wet feet, more mud and a really really big hill! But all that didn’t dampen my spirits and I made it through, enjoying spectacular views, fresh air, quaint villages, teeny ponies and plenty sunshine!

All things considered, I definitely plan to do that again – but I need a get a proper waterproof before I do!!