No, it’s not the Real Slim Shady, just me!  The first line of the (admittedly outdated) pop-culture reference is “I created a monster” which seems very apt today.  I have created a monster, and the monster is me.  Honestly, I am deeply ashamed of myself.  For a variety of reasons, I have stopped going to the gym and I haven’t been eating healthily.  Well, in fairness, I do occasionally but that’s more the exception than the rule.  So with all of this, I have gained a lot of weight.  It’s been a while since I actually weighed myself, but I think it’s probably crept up more than I want to admit.  I can tell, as I don’t feel that well a lot of the time, I’m really unfit and I’m getting terrible backache.

So, with a little preparation and a lack of help from my doctor (been on the waiting list and jumping through hoops to get into a specialised programme with psychological help since November) I have decided to take the situation in hand.  I know from experience that this might not be easy will be very difficult from time to time, but I am determined.  I have nabbed by dad’s old Slimming World book for guidance and roped my lovely parents in to be a support team.  I like Slimming World personally, I know it’s not for everyone but it has worked for me in the past.  I’ve been swimming a few times in the last month or so, and I’ve really enjoyed it.  I don’t have much spare time in the week, so I’m doing a long swim on a Friday night (a mile-ish) for around an hour.  I need to try and build in some exercise during the week, but unfortunately walking too much can be quite uncomfortable until I’ve shifted some lbs, so I need to have a think about what I can do instead.  It’s quite gutting when I think of how fit I was a few years ago, but I only have myself to blame!

Old readers, welcome back to my journey, although we are back at the start we can only go forwards.  New readers, welcome, I hope you will join me regularly in my quest to be a better me.