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April 2017

Moody Food

I’m in a full-on grump today for absolutely no reason.  Do you ever have that?  I do, and I know I’m grumpy but I can’t help myself.  It makes me feel like this:

It also makes me want to eat lots and lots of comfort food.  Chocolate, cakes, pizza, crisps, cheeseburgers… you get the picture.  So what is the best way to handle an attack of the grumps?  Well I can tell you the first thing I would have done this morning if I’d realised quite how cranky I was: I’d have left my purse at home.  A sure-fire way to avoid a trip to the junk-food shop (unless you fancy a few hours in a cell.)

Next thing, and not as easy as it sounds: keep myself busy and keep my mind off food.  Fortunately, being a finance-type person, this is my busiest week of the month so work has kept me out of trouble today.  I volunteer tonight after work and then go home to a nice dinner which will be sitting in the slow cooker waiting for me.

Finally, when I’m tempted, keep reminding myself that it’s not hunger causing me to eat.  This is the most difficult one, and it’s not always guaranteed to work.  I have a little voice in my head that will say “so what?” and steer me to the chocolate/cake/pizza etc etc anyway.  But it works some of the time and that’s a lot better than none of the time.

I also need to find a way to shake off the grumpy mood.  I think the drive home in the sunshine with some nice cheesy music will help me out.  I might even do the traffic light dance.


The Fear

On Monday night I went to A&E (the emergency room if you’re not sure what I mean.)  You see, on my drive home from work I started having pains in the left centre of my chest, which went out into my armpit and ribs.  My family has a history of heart disease at youngish ages, so despite the fact that I’m only 34 I got quite worried.  My boyfriend made me ring 111 when we got home (they are fantastic, by the way.)  For those who don’t know, this is a non-emergency medical line where you can get advice and assistance, and they will direct you to the most appropriate place.  On Monday, they said I should go to A&E “within the hour.”  Cue the following conversation (this is the abridged version):

Me: I don’t want to go.
Bf: Why did you ring if you’re not going to take the advice?
Me: But what if it’s something bad?
Bf: It’ll still be something bad whether you go or not, the only difference is whether you get treated.
Me: But we don’t have time to go to the hospital this evening…
Bf: But we have time for you to have a heart attack?
Me: Ok, fine 😦

I think that’s a fairly decent example of how much I’ve been sticking my head in the sand about what my weight could be doing to me.  I was genuinely terrified of finding out if it was a heart problem.  So we tootled off to the hospital (in a hugely overpriced taxi since I wasn’t allowed to drive) and I got an ECG.  Turns out, if you show up to A&E with chest pains, they see you reeeally quickly.  My ECG was clear (I cried with relief, honestly), blood pressure was slightly raised but everything else looked good.  Finally I saw a doctor who listened to my heart, prodded and poked me and asked a lot of questions about the pain.  She declared that it was muscular, probably strained from swimming, gave me a prescription for co-codamol, told me I did the right thing by getting it checked, and sent me off home telling me to rest my chest.  I’m not sure exactly how to do that, I tend to use it for breathing.  So I felt a bit silly, but I still think getting it checked was the right thing to do.

So, my fear.  I didn’t realise until this happened quite how afraid I am of getting heart disease.  The doctor says I am low risk, I’m totally healthy and my age is on my side, but I know that my weight and lack of exercise aren’t doing me any favours.  No more head in the sand for me.  I need to face my fear and do what I can to lower my risk.  I guess motivation has to come from somewhere and no matter what Gus Fring says (Breaking Bad is awesome btw) fear can be a really useful motivator.


Goats Cheese Salad With Raspberry Vinaigrette

I’ve been following Laurel’s blog for a while, and when I saw the recipe for raspberry vinaigrette it was perfect timing – I’d just read another recipe recommending a berry dressing for goats cheese salad, but it was a shop-bought dressing (does anyone else hate it when that happens?!)  Here is my salad:


It contains mixed baby leaves, cucumber, grated carrot, strawberries, cashews (supposed to be pecans or walnuts but I didn’t have those!), crumbled goats cheese (I like the soft one) and a decent drizzle of the vinaigrette.  The recipe for the vinaigrette is in the link below, it makes quite a lot and I don’t know yet how long it keeps, so if I did it again I might make half as much as I’m not sure how often I’ll use it.

I wish I could give measures of what I used, but I pretty much did it in handfuls so the proportions looked right for my tastes!

Original Post here:

My MSG free journey is coming along pretty well. Of course there have been a few surprises along the way. One of the surprises was the realization of just how much MSG has infiltrated our lives by being in almost every prepared product on the shelves of the grocery store. This annoying little toxin is […]

via Homemade Raspberry Vinaigrette — eat less sugar you’re sweet enough


Happy Monday!

I am in a ridiculously good mood today.  I’ve had a fab weekend, I managed to swim 1.5 miles on Friday night, which I haven’t completed in ages.  I was slow – it took about 1hr 10mins, but I made it and my arms and legs didn’t fall off!  Yesterday my boyfriend took me out for lunch to a Vietnamese place in Birmingham, which was fantastic, and we had a wander round in the sunshine.  The only thing that brought me down a bit was realising how slow I am when walking around.  Carrying this amount of excess weight is hard.  Fortunately, the realisation only made me more determined to succeed in my weight loss journey.

I woke up today full of enthusiasm for the week ahead.  The sun is shining, I’d had a good weekend and I’m lucky enough to spend the week doing an job I enjoy for a company I’m happy to work for (99% of the time.)  I even managed to start the day with a little exercise – I’ve actually written myself a schedule for my mornings as I waste a lot of time.  The schedule includes things like “shower”, “get dressed” etc, but also today’s read:

10x kettlebell swings
10x squats
10x lunges each leg
10x pushups
10x situps

I thought that was enough for now.  Not much but better than nothing!  My breakfast and lunch were all ready to grab and go – recipes may follow later in the week.  Breakfast was mini frittata type things and lunch is Moroccan couscous salad which I’m about to go and eat.  And dinner is stuffed mushrooms, which is one of my absolute favourite meals, which I haven’t had in months!

How’s everyone else this week?  I hope other people are enjoying the sunshine too!


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