I am in a ridiculously good mood today.  I’ve had a fab weekend, I managed to swim 1.5 miles on Friday night, which I haven’t completed in ages.  I was slow – it took about 1hr 10mins, but I made it and my arms and legs didn’t fall off!  Yesterday my boyfriend took me out for lunch to a Vietnamese place in Birmingham, which was fantastic, and we had a wander round in the sunshine.  The only thing that brought me down a bit was realising how slow I am when walking around.  Carrying this amount of excess weight is hard.  Fortunately, the realisation only made me more determined to succeed in my weight loss journey.

I woke up today full of enthusiasm for the week ahead.  The sun is shining, I’d had a good weekend and I’m lucky enough to spend the week doing an job I enjoy for a company I’m happy to work for (99% of the time.)  I even managed to start the day with a little exercise – I’ve actually written myself a schedule for my mornings as I waste a lot of time.  The schedule includes things like “shower”, “get dressed” etc, but also today’s read:

10x kettlebell swings
10x squats
10x lunges each leg
10x pushups
10x situps

I thought that was enough for now.  Not much but better than nothing!  My breakfast and lunch were all ready to grab and go – recipes may follow later in the week.  Breakfast was mini frittata type things and lunch is Moroccan couscous salad which I’m about to go and eat.  And dinner is stuffed mushrooms, which is one of my absolute favourite meals, which I haven’t had in months!

How’s everyone else this week?  I hope other people are enjoying the sunshine too!