Good morning lovely readers!

If you saw my last post you’ll know that I recently (after months of waiting) was accepted onto a specialist programme run by my local hospital to help me lose weight and become more healthy.

Last week I saw a dietitian, who gave me a meal plan based on the NHS Eat Well plate, which I like as a balanced and healthy approach.  The Eat Well plate looks like this:

Eat Well Plate NHS

We talked through what I would eat in a normal day (“good” and “bad” days) and how we could adapt my usual food to better fit with these guidelines.  The main changes were:

  • more veg compared to fruit
  • wholegrain/brown pasta and rice
  • weighing starchy foods for portion control
  • more protein and especially more fish
  • more dairy (I don’t like milk and I don’t drink tea and coffee so I was having basically none)

She also included a daily free choice of food outside the plate of up to 200cal, which I mostly use for chocolate!  And finally I was advised to drink one glass of plain water for each glass of squash/pop that I have.

Next I had a brief meeting with a trainer, who asked me to try for two 10 minute walks a day.  At the moment I get back pain if I walk a lot so we split it down so it wasn’t too much.  It doesn’t sound like much, but over a week that’s over 2 hours of exercise that I wasn’t doing before.  I’m lucky that I work in a beautiful area, so I can walk through the woods at lunchtime or before work.

So I’ve done a week of this (except Saturday when I went to the Good Food Show Harrogate and had lots of tasters) and I had my second appointment yesterday.  First up was the weigh-in – I had lost 1.5kg (3.3lb).  Then I had my first full appointment with the trainer which was a gym induction.  We talked about what I had done in the gym before and tried different machines, including a seated cross-trainer (which I didn’t even know was a thing).  I will go again tomorrow to have another supported session and get my finished programme which will include cardio and resistance.  I’m happy about that as I’ve missed doing weights; the trainer told me I had excellent technique when I did resistance training yesterday and I was stronger than she expected, so maybe I have a bit of fitness left.

The last part of my appointment was to see a counsellor to talk about potential problems I might face and the voice in my head, which is apparently normal, and how to disagree with it.  This is a really big deal for me; my head-voice, which because I’m a nerd I’ve decided comes from a wraith, can be really really mean.  I also told him that I felt disappointed with my 1.5kg loss, which I know is entirely illogical, and we talked through why I feel like that and applied some logic to it, and I’m much happier about it now.

So all in all a good appointment.  I know I’ve rabbited on a lot in this post but I had a lot to say for a change!  Well done if you made it this far 🙂  I’m looking forward to my gym appointment tomorrow and getting my programme and seeing how well I can improve my health.