I have another post half done that I just haven’t had time to finish, but since I had my third appointment yesterday I thought I should probably do a quick update first!

The main focus of week 2 was increasing exercise.  Last week I had a gym induction (there is a gym at my local hospital which is great) with a second one on Thursday and yesterday I was let loose in there on my own!  Because of my weight some exercises have had to be adapted – did you know there is such a thing as a seated cross-trainer?  I didn’t but it’s awesome!  My routine is a nice mix of cardio and resistance, and the trainers both told me that my technique for resistance work is really good and that I am surprisingly strong, so I was pretty happy with that.  I actually love resistance training and no, it doesn’t make you “bulky” in case anyone out there is worried about that.  I actually asked for another resistance exercise to be put in as I was missing my leg press.  Sad but true.  The aim resistance-wise is to get back to the kinds of weights I used to manage and cardio-wise I just want to improve.  So I now do three sessions a week at the gym and a nice swim on a Friday night (this girl knows how to party!) I’m considering adding a few yoga stretches in daily just to improve my flexibility and strength, but I don’t want to go too mad too soon.

I also got weighed yesterday.  Last week I weighed in at (deep breath) 149.6kg, this week I got on the scales to see 148.8kg.  Unfortunately I read it wrong and sulked my way round the gym thinking I’d had a gain until one of the staff pointed out that that’s a 0.8kg (approx 2lb) loss.  Doh!  But also hurrah!

Garfield Scales

I’m feeling quite confident about this week so far, I struggled over last weekend but I think this week I’m better prepared.  Also, things have calmed down a bit so I actually might write a bit more this week.  It really helps me to write this stuff down, even if it comes out as total gibberish.